Teacher's Council

Teacher's Council is formed in every academic session. Our Principal-incharge by virtue is selected as the President of the Teacher's Council.By election, Secretary of the council is elected.

Secretary for the session 2015-2016 :- Sri Pradip Debbarma

Following are the sub-committee's formed for the smooth functioning of the College. For each sub-committee's, a convener and few members are elected by the member's of the Teachers. :-

Name of the sub-committee Name of the member's
NAAC Dr.Arun Kumar Nayek-Coordinator
Ant-ragging Committee (1) Sri Mrinal Kanti Chowdhury-Nodal Officer (2) Smt Papiya Sengupta (Das)-Member(3) Sri Sujit Das-Member(4)Sri Pradip Debbarma-Member (5)G.S.,SUC-Member(6)VP,SUC-Member
Gender Sensatision Committee (1) Sri Shibkanta Das-Nodal Officer,(2)Sri Manas Majumder-Member,(3)Smt Anindita Das-Member
Right to Information (1)Dr. Haradhan Saha-SPIO (2)Dr. Arun Kumar Nayek-ASPIO
Examination Committee (1)Dr. Arun Kumar Nayek-Convener (2) Sri Shibkanta Das-Member (3)Smt Munmun Das-Member (4)Sri Joydeb Das-Member (5)Sri Debabrata Kar-Member
RUSA (1)Dr. Arun Kumar Nayek-Convener (2)Sri Pradip Debbarma-Member (3)Smt Munmun Das-Member
Lower Purchase Committee (1)Dr. Haradhan Saha-Convener (2)Dr. Arun Kumar Nayek-Member (3)Sri Pradip Debbarma-Member (4)Headmaster-Betaga HS+2 Stage School-Member
College Development (Maintenance) Committee (1)Sri Manas Majumder-Convener (2)Sri Mrinal Kanti Chowdhury-Member (3)Sri Pradip Debbarma-Member (4)Sri Ashutosh Das(H/C)-Member (5)Joydeb Das(LDC)-Member